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Final Report

Hey guys! The last four months have been exceptional getting the chance to work on one of my favourite FOSS with some of the finest developers worldwide. The community of LibreOffice has been extremely friendly and supplied me with marvelous amounts of support. I want to thank Thorsten, Heiko, and Hossein for their continuous mentoring throughout the project where they have provided me with constant constructive feedback, world-class mentorship. Thanks for everyone at LibreOffice and I assure you this is not our last encounter.


Now, let's wrap up project's goals and what was done.

As we can see, the project's goals were met fully. In the next few weeks I will keep working to tackle some BZ reports related to certificates over all, but feel free to check the updates on the signing and encryption features in the development build. Also, feel free to contact me for any questions and if you encountered any bug, file a BZ report and CC me.

Below is the list of submitted patches during GSoC:

It has been a wonderful journey and the whole GSoC experience was exquisite. Thanks for the whole LibreOffice community and for Google for hosting GSoC and can't wait for more FOSS contributions in the future :-)

Posted at Fri, 25 Aug. 2023 - 03:25:48 PM

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