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Who am I?

I am a Computer Engineering and Mathematics student in a "top-tier" university according to the provost, president, and some marketers. I am financially considered poor as hell, do not classify as a bureaucrat. However, I may consider being one someday. I am pretty weird with inconsistent life full of ups and downs. The only constant fact in my life is that it is variable.

I am an ENTP (MBTI), 8w7 (Ennegram), Chaotic Evil (Moral Alignment). If you care about that shit.

If you want to get a glance on how hot I am, use this shithole that I do not support but have to use a containerized version carefully to be able to expand my network. HR? here is my CV. A more enthusiast HR? feel free to go through the whole documentation, but you better skip the "typical shit" part. Fellow geek? here are my dotfiles.

I recommend you go see my favourite shit, It is full of cool stuff and a cool representation of me.

You may notice that I use what's catholically considered a "profanity". However, humans only developed using language. Thus, if I felt that I wanted to use some shitty language that does not agree with your beliefs, you must respect whatever I say regardless of your shit. However, I believe in the Arabic maxim "لكل مقامِِ مقال." (every session has its own different discussion). So, don't worry, I will neither tell the sheik to fuck off when I am your best man nor fuck up our meeting with the assistant to the regional manager.

You have known me enough. Nevertheless, let's dig in deeper.


You can think of this as Tokhy's documentation. I'd advise any future partner or a friend to read. If you are a lurker HR, go directly for the last section. I will write here about the few things I do/ do not give a shit about. In other words, I will only talk about things that lie on the extreme part of the scale. Any neutral shit will go in the common sense bin I assume you have already acquired.


People over-estimate life most of the time. Life is simple, or at least (considering humanity's development) common sense. I used to be moved by Descartes' writings, Kant's critique, and Nietzsche's justifications. However, I came to the conclusion that this all is bullshit. Life is just some scrambled eggs that you may favor with ketchup sauce. Some people will think you are 'disgusting'. Just tell them to fuck off and mind their own eggs.

Typical Shit

I will summarize my opinion regarding the most common life aspects.


I do not care about building a family. However, I am always available to support any family member in need regardless of our past. While I do not really value procreation, I had some bad-ass parents who helped me a lot throughout my life. I know I am theirs and shit, but I do not think I want to carry such a huge burden. However, they did it, and I guess I turned outright. In short, I really value their help, and thus, I will try to help any family member in need only for their sake—cheers for my mom and dad for their unconscious-but-turned-out-good choice of having me.

Career & Finance

A good career is the one that you do without having a job. Quit your job, clear your head, and see what you are doing after waking up in the morning. This is your optimum career. I remember back in my senior year in High School, when I wanted to join med-school, I woke up someday and found myself wanting to finish studying biology so I can go analyze Jellyfin's codebase. At this time, I realized how fucked up I am.

But fortunately, I got a full-ride opportunity to change the path. Do not fuck up like I did.

On the other hand, while people usually think of jobs as an opportunity to 'get money', I disagree with that. Not in a "Love your job" kind of disagreement. In the world where money became so valuable to buy shit from ass-wiping papers to bidets and food, do not misunderstand, I like the idea of doing easier and safer things to acquire meat and food, I just do not think having some people that 'own' me is okay. I would work for only the sake of myself. My perfect job will involve doing something I enjoy and being either the CEO or the nerd who does some tasks, and people are trying not to talk to him. And yeah, I disagree with the idea of someone be over me in some kind of work-chain, but I won't mind the opposite; I am a fucking gorgeous manager anyway. So, it is either on top of the chain or outside it.

In the matter of finances, I usually go for the Greedy approach. I spend or invest all the money I have. If I wanted to buy some specific shit, I would stack up money enough for it. Otherwise, I always go pay for things I like or investments to get me more money that will make the loop continue. However, I never throw a penny carelessly.


It is important for me to be healthy, but I like trying new things. I am more likely to have multiple ups and downs regarding my wellbeing. I frequently acquire new bad habits that I will then quit so I can feel better.

Always creating new bugs to fix ;)

Community and Friendships

I am not a good friend, and you also shall not be. A typical good friend is wasting his wellbeing for the sake of others. I do not like that. A perfect friendship to me is when people understand that I will not always be there for you, and vice versa, and it is okay. I would like to have an accomplice that sides with me in my shit and store events and memory. Wasting some junk time to go to drink and see movies will be incredible. But you always shall realize and understand that we do not need to care about each other, we can do so, but it is not necessary.

Company is an option, not a necessity.

My role as an upstanding part of this community has been demolished after the second I had been forced to join it. I would not be evil to you; I just can not care less about a person I do not know. I may hit you to death or help you. It is always depending on the context and my mood.



Fuck off.

Life Goal

The only goal in life is to keep living. However, even that for me is negotiable.

I do not have a clear or specific life goal. Life will lose interest if it is always pre-thought of. The only thing that I declared as my life goal is to learn everything. However, the goal seems mathematically impossible, so I took a more straightforward approach, which is to understand everything, but not necessarily dig deep.

It was a hella dark night, in my conventional room, I questioned my purpose of existence. My questionnaire ended with me settling on keep lurking for life. I decided to learn every science, every specific topic in a variety of fields. Not only STEM subjects, but I would like to do music, writing, politics. In short, I want to learn everything. I do not plan to focus on long-term thinking, so I would take my time to learn whatever lies in front of me. The goal seems unreachable, but at least now I have something to do during a life-black-out or an existential-click.

Modern Stuff: (Software, Hardware, etc.)

I am a simple man, I would like my shit to be as simple as possible, but it still needs to kick ass.

I) Personal Laptop

Even though I am an office guy who does not move much, I still prefer the mobility of laptops that I can shove them up in the backpack while traveling or shit.


Why GNU/ Linux?

Why Arch Linux?

Why DWM?

Why only FOSS?

Software I use

II) Personal Server

III) VFIO Windows 10

This line means that the page is still under construction.

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