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Week 7 Report

Certificate Manager Searching and Filtering

Greetings, open-source enthusiasts! Welcome to my weekly GSoC'23 update for LibreOffice. This report highlights the progress made during Week 7, where I focused on implementing certificate manager searching and filtering functionalities. I'm excited to share the details of the work accomplished, including the patches submitted.

TL;DR: Completed the implementation of certificate manager searching and filtering, patches merged.

During this week, my primary objective was to enable users to easily search and filter certificates within the certificate manager in LibreOffice. I'm pleased to report that this task has been successfully completed. The implementation includes the following patches: Patch 1, Patch 2, Patch 3.

With these patches searching, filtering, and sorting certificates is currently possible in the certificate manager dialog. Thus, managing certificates in LibreOffice has become much more efficient and user-friendly.


As of now, the patches for certificate manager searching and filtering have been merged. Thus we have almost finished our initial GSoC expectations, pending caching for certificates.

Next weeks, I will be working on caching and adding a better tree view with certificates to further improve the UI.

Week 7 was filled with productive work. The provided functionality will empower LibreOffice users to easily locate and manage certificates, streamlining their document signing and encryption processes.

I'm grateful for the unwavering support and guidance from my mentors, including Thorsten Behrens, Heiko Tietze, and Hossein Nourikhah. Their mentorship has been invaluable throughout this journey.

Thank you for reading this week's report. Stay tuned for more updates as I progress further in my GSoC'23 project. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me via email. Have a great week!

Posted at Tue, 25 Jul. 2023 - 06:15:59 PM

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